I’m baaaack! I know it has been a while, but if you have been following me on instagram you know I have not abandoned my fashion loving! So what better way to get back into it than with one of my favorite things to wear ever; runners!

When I was approached to try out a pair of these Geox NEBULA runners, I was really excited! As soon as I saw them online, I knew I would wear them all the time because I love the style of them, but when I actually started wearing them around, I realized that they are my comfiest pair of sneaks! They are designed with this special net breathing system technology and heat regulation situation that I never even knew was possible. It sounds so complex for a pair of shoes, but they took it that far, and the results feel real good.

I decided to pair the shoes with this simple, casual outfit, but I also really like the idea of dressing them up with an all black look for busy days around the office. There are so many ways to style them, and since runners are now a ‘passe partout’, you can’t really go wrong! 

When we buy shoes we don’t really know how our feet are going to feel once we take the new pair out for a spin; it’s always a bit of a gamble. I have bought so many pairs of shoes, runners included, that end up being so uncomfortable, or just pinch me in this one little area of my foot that ends up being bandaid city, despite how comfy they may look or feel in the store. We have all had those experiences, but with these…ultimate comf! Really though, they are super lightweight, and the whole breathability factor is key, especially now that the warmer weather is coming; sweaty feet=no bueno. 

Coming from  someone who has chronic back pain, I can tell you that when you walk, you will not feel any pressure in your spine. If you have knee problems, it will have the same effect, so if you’re looking for the ultimate support, these shoes deliver;)

Check out their multiple colors here and see the ones I chose below!


  •  Faux leather pants: Zara
  • Jean jacket: forever21

Summer in Mtl


IMG_5430 copy

IMG_5457 copy copy

Photography by: Rachel Michetti of Prohibition Studio

I have never really been into hats, but this summer I have been seeing so many nice styles, that I had to try it out. It really adds some edge to each look. If you’re wearing jeans and a plain tee, and feel your outfit is incomplete,  pop on a hat, and it will totally give you that something you were missing.


Leather isn’t the first choice of material in the summer because of the heat, but when it is not boiling hot outside, I do not see why we cannot add it to the mix! Different colours of leather can make it feel more summery ex: powder blue, white, or any pastel.

IMG_5433 copy

IMG_5446 copy

We have been seeing the ‘off the shoulder shirts’ all season, and though I am in love with them, they can be annoying to wear when you have a purse to carry over your shoulder, or when you’re moving around a lot, so I find this top perfect, because it gives the ‘off the shoulder’ vibe without actually being off the shoulder;)

IMG_5476 copySummer in Montreal is really my favourite time of year! We are about to go into fall, which is exciting for the fashion world, but I can hold off on a temperature drop for a while; enjoy the last few weeks of heat you guys!

  • Hat: F21
  • Skirt: Toronto (no longer available)
  • Top: Republique Collection
  • Shoes: Vans
  • Rings: Bizou
  • Bracelets: Vintage
  • Watch: Fossil




pops of rouge


IMG_5366 copyIMG_5375 copy copyIMG_5413 copyIMG_5422 copyIMG_5406 copyIMG_5376 copy

Photography: Rachel Michetti (Prohibition Studio)

Lately Im really into minimalist style in both fashion and home decor. I find it so effortless, yet striking. However, sometimes the simple look can be dull, so I’m a fan of adding a little pop of color or fun accessories to give more of an ‘oomph’ to the minimalist trend. In this case, the red lip and nails give the look a little something extra.

Tip: When wearing a tomboyish outfit I like rocking some heels and/or extra make-up to make myself feel and look more like a’s all about balance;)

  • Jeans: Zara
  • Vest: Kooka
  • Sandals: American Apparel
  • Bag: F21
  • Sunnies: Rayban
  • Lipstick: Joe Fresh
  • Ear cuff: F21



spice girl inspo


IMG_4952 8x12

Photography by: Rachel Michetti (Prohibition Studio)

When crop tops made a come back I was shy to try it out again. The last time I had worn a ‘tummy top’, as I used to call them, was in the 90s when the spice girls were rocking them! Anyway, once I decided to go for it, I have not looked back and now my weekend wardrobe mainly consists of them. I usually wear high waisted jeans/skirts or shorts when rocking the crop so that only a sliver of stomach is showing, but for this look I went with some low rise boyfriend jeans. If you’re a bit shy to show this much of your stomach, high waisted bottoms are the way to go. They also sell crop tops in all different lengths, so if high waisted bottoms do not suit your body type, you can stick to your low or regular rises, and buy a crop top that is a bit longer.

IMG_4968 8x12IMG_4971 8x12I recently bought this statement necklace and have been wearing it A LOT. I love wearing it with a casual outfit to give my look some glam, however, it is also perfect for a fancy night out; I have worn it with a black dress, and loved how the silver just popped and created that statement.IMG_4963 8x1211768740_10155872807460173_609799062_oPlatform shoes are another come back from the spice girl days! I don’t do very well with high heels, because of back pain, but with platform shoes your feet are not on an arch, so they are super comfortable and still give us that height that we crave.

Thx for reading!

  • Jeans: Joe Fresh, ripped a little more by moi
  • Crop top: American Apparel
  • Necklace: Bizou (@bizou_official on instagram)
  • Sunglasses: Rayban, Smart buy glasses
  • Sandals: Zara (last summer)
  • Purse: F21
  • Nail polish: Essie (Garden Variety)


walk towards the sun


IMG_4899 8x12Photography by: Rachel Michetti of Prohibition Studio 

I find myself always wearing the same things, so in order to make it look like I may be wearing a different outfit, I like to change up the accessories.  If you change your jewelry, hat, purse, and shoes, you can wear this onesie multiple times per week without anyone noticing, except maybe your fashionista friends, but they’ll be impressed with your skills. I wear this simple black onesie pretty often (I also got it in grey and its available in other colours/patterns), as well as my jean jacket, which is perfect for summer nights when the temp drops. IMG_4906 8x12IMG_4916 8x12You can always count on me for affordable inspiration, see outfit dets below!

IMG_4914 8x12IMG_4895_8x12

This was such a beautiful night, the sun was setting, and although it was unbearably hot, it feels wrong to complain (although I did complain a lot) since we only get true sunshine for a couple months per year in Mtl. ENJOY!!

ps: I am really excited to be working with Rachel Michetti, the talented photographer.  Stay tuned for more posts like this:)

  • Onesie: American Apparel
  • Jean Jacket: F 21
  • Purse: F 21
  • Shoes: Yellow
  • Hat: F21
  • Earrings: F21
  • Sunglasses: Rayban
  • Watch: Fossil (men’s)

I’m with Cory Vines


I just joined a gym this week. It’s my first time ever being a gym member, so I am really pumped! I usually workout at home, but I moved about 2 months ago and now I live in a smaller apartment where it is too cramped to workout comfortably, not to mention the absence of air conditioning, so I have been hugely slacking off.
Anyway, it is perfect timing because I recently received this sweet workout gear from Cory Vines, which really motivated me to get my act together! Before joining the gym, I did a little workout sesh in the park:)

IMG_9922IMG_9924I’m really into the crop legging, cuz I like where they hit me on my calves, and…that color! Oh and the tee is very light-weight and breathable, which is important when you’re on the elliptical (my fave) for 40 minutes and supa sweaty;)


IMG_9935The sports bra not only fits like a glove, but it is extremely comf, and the design is so original, never seen another one like it.

IMG_9939IMG_9923What I love about Cory Vines is its well thought out simplicity; check them out here!

summer sunnies


6A6A8494When summer rolls around, I always love to shop for new sunglasses. It is convenient to have your staple sunnies that you can wear on a regular basis with any look, but it is also super fun to have a trendy pair that are different, eye catching and ‘hot at the moment’ type thing. This is the story with these John Lennon inspired Ray-ban sunglasses from SmartBuyGlasses. The frame shape is classic, and will be cool forever, but the mirror violet tint makes them current;)6A6A8563I like to keep it interesting by getting inspired by vintage pieces and styles from different decades. This look is like a mish-mash of hippie, bohemian, and vintage all in one, why not? I am usually more minimalistic with my outfits, so I know I will probably wear these sunglasses with a simple look, most likely sticking with black, white, grey, and jean, in which case the sunnies will really stand out. Are you guys into the color- mirrored look, or are you already over it? I want this trend to stay, personally. There are so many different color options, good for all skin tones and multiple outfits, of course!

I was so happy when I got the opportunity to collaborate with SmartBuygGlasses , and choose a pair of my choice. They have super competitive prices and a lot of options; perfect site to find your preferred sunglasses of summer 2015!





HAPPY (almost) SUMMER EVERYONE! Time to get our tans on:)

-Jessie xo

  • Sunnies: SmartBuyGlasses
  • Jacket: Republique Collection
  • Shorts: Levis/ Editorial Boutique
  • Tank: Urban Outfitters
  • Sneaks: Vans
  • Watch: Fossil
  • Rings/Earrings: Bizou
  • Purse and bracelets: Vintage




I have a thing about staple items in my closet, you know the items that you can wear over and over and never get sick of, at least for a long while? yeah those. In this case, I am wearing 3 of my favourite staples; ray bans, leather moto jacket and pointy booties. I wear all 3 very often and I don’t feel like they get old, because you can really switch up the style each time, if you want. I don’t like spending too much money on my wardrobe, but for staple items that you know won’t go out of style or will stay in for a long time, it is worth investing in.

IMG_8606 IMG_8608 IMG_8611



blueblue2 IMG_8047Feeling really springy in this all blue look. It is finally warm out, who knows how long it’ll last, but for today, we will really enjoy it.

Shop the look at Republique Collection! (Republique Collection stores: 836 ave. Mont-Royal Est or 3681 rue Ontario Est)

Tank top also available in other colours for $9.98, Jeans:$39.98

Kimono style


IMG_8035 kimono1 kimono2 kimono3I have not posted my own personal looks in a while because I have started other projects, and therefore I have been struggling to find time for everything! This week I am on a ‘staycation’, so I have been focused on getting my stuff together;) One of the new projects that I have been working on is managing the social media of a store called ‘Republique Collection’. I work on putting together outfits and posting them up on their social media platforms a few times per week. In the new section on my blog called ‘Republique Collection looks’, you will see the outfits I put together, and a little blurb about each one. If you’re not already following them on either Insta, FB, Pinterest or Twitter, please do! You can shop Republique online too

Now, this outfit…the kimono is actually from Republique, and it is on sale for $20 right now!! There aren’t many left, so hurry! I fell in love as soon as I put it on. It is light weight, and the perfect length. I don’t usually wear so much color or pattern, but this just felt right. Can’t wait to style it in different ways once the weather warms up..think cut offs, white sneaks, and maybe a fun hat, but for now, I paired it with these ripped jeans and a tee, cuz I wanted to dress the kimono down in order to give the look a little edge. A kimono is definitely a fun item to have in your closet. It really adds a lot to your look, in my eyes.

  • Kimono: Republique Collection
  • Tee:Top shop
  • Necklace: Shals
  • Jeans: Editorial Boutique
  • Flats: Aldo




IMG_7940rips rips2It is finally starting to warm up, so out come the destroyed jeans! I have surely posted about these before, but they have been sitting in my closet all winter just waiting for it to warm up. Actually, if you really want to winterize a pair of jeans like this, wear thick tights or leggings underneath and there you go, but I really like the rips vs. skin look;) These pants are a bit different than your typical pair of ripped jeans, because of the high waist and boyfriend style,

I N  L O V E!!

Greygreygrey. I can’t get enough. I adore this grey shade from American Apparel. I have this crop top and the longer version, and wear both at least once a week.  What I really like doing is matching my grey tops with silver jewelry. I find it looks so right.

  • Jeans: Zara
  • Tee: American Apparel
  • Belt: Target
  • Necklace: don’t know:( got it at a clothing exchange with friends and friends of friends..

Jessie xo

casually pulled together


IMG_8039IMG_8046IMG_8111This outfit I pulled from Republique Collection is one of the outfits I feel the most ‘me’ in. Casual, comfy, but with these high waisted pants, you feel pulled together. This is the type of look that is easy to put together when you’re in a rush, and is suitable for many different types of outings, but I would most likely wear this on the weekend during the day for running errands, shopping, going for lunch type of thing.

Jeans:$29.98, Jeanshirt:$24.98, Tee:$14.98, Necklace:$$7

Shop the look at Republique Collection! (Republique Collection stores: 836 ave. Mont-Royal Est or 3681 rue Ontario Est)

Pink fluo!


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetThis outfit screams Spring! It is so easy to add a pop of color with this amazing pink blazer. Wear something simple like jeans and a white tee or blouse, and add this on top for a pop of perfection! I would also try to wear it with a pattern of some sort, maybe a dress that has a little hint of pink in it too, for example! Spring is here, although it does not feel like it in Montreal, we will be able to wear things like this soon enough, so get ready!

Blazer:$39.98, Jeans:$29.98, Top:$24.98, Necklace:$14

(Republique Collection stores: 836 ave. Mont-Royal Est or 3681 rue Ontario Est)

leopard print x sweatshirt


IMG_8072This leopard print sweatshirt is so cute, and really easy to wear, because you can pair it with so many pieces in your closet, I guarantee you. I decided to wear it with this skater girl skirt and white vans for day time, but if you want to wear this look at night, just put on some jewelry, a pair of heels and you’re set. Pair it with any pair of jeans, or with black leather pants, just to give you some ideas!

Sweatshirt:$29.98 /  Skirt:$14.98

(Republique Collection: 836 ave. Mont-Royal Est or 3681 rue Ontario Est)

moto me


IMG_8161 IMG_8162This faux leather moto jacket is different than your typical moto jacket, because well…it’s longish. You can wear it with everything, but what I think I would wear it with most would be a skirt not much longer than the actual jacket itself, or with a pair of ripped jeans.

Available at Republique for $79.98 (836 ave. Mont-Royal Est or 3681 rue Ontario Est) Skirt:$17.98, Jean jacket:$29.98, Tank:$12.98



Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset This look is great for date night, girls night, or switch the heels for runners, and wear it during the day! The best part is obviously the asymmetrical skirt, which we have been seeing everywhere for a few seasons. This particular one from Republique Collection is super comfortable because of the stretchy material, and elastic waist band. Go pick it up at Republique, also available in black (836 ave. Mont-Royal Est or 3681 rue Ontario Est)

Skirt:$17.98, Jean jacket:$29.98, Tank:$12.98

Simply edgy


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetA white blouse is typically dressed up, worn in the office, or for a conservative event, but why not edge it up a bit? Wear it on the weekend, buttoned up or not, with some ripped jeans. I love simple looks, with a touch of something casual like rips, runners or plaid to name a few! Anyway, this particular blouse from Reupiblique Collection is extra ‘sharp’ looking, and the material is thick enough so you can wear any bra you want. It falls a bit longer in the back, which is cool if you want to hide your tush. Then there are the jeans, rips are all the rage lately, and these ones fit like a glove.

Find this look at 836 ave. Mont-Royal Est or 3681 rue Ontario Est.

Blouse: $24.98, Jeans:$39.98, Necklace (and matching earrings):$10

Spring is near


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetSpring will be here in a few days, so I will definitely be rocking outfits like this soon enough! It is still a bit too cold to wear this, per se, but add a pea coat and you’ll be good to go. I love dressing fancier pieces down (like this skirt), but it would also look awesome with some heels and a sexy top, or in the office with a blazer and flats. Pick it up along with these other items, at Republique Collection: 1836 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est or 3681 rue Ontario Est

Skirt:$34.98, Vest:$29.98, Blouse:$24.98

work it!


IMG_7873Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetIMG_7110Sometimes I really don’t feel like working out, but if I have some fun new workout clothes, I am more tempted to get going! Republique collection has a variety of different sports bras, tanks and work out pants, and the prices are so affordable that you can buy more than one outfit without breaking the bank.  Go check it out at 1836 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est or 3681 rue Ontario Est)

Sports bra: $9.98, Workout pants:$12.98


more February looks


IMG_7714Back to basics in a white tank and blue jeans. Shop multiple washes of denim and a few other colours of this tank at Republique Collection! (1836 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est or 3681 rue Ontario Est)

Tank: $11.98, Jeans: between $24.98-39.98)

IMG_7726Monochrome look. Love wearing all of one color, or a mix of shades of one color, add an accent and accessories if you feel like it!

Faux leather pants: $34.98, Sweater:$19.98, Tank:$11.98, necklace:$10

Republique Collection (1836 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est or 3681 rue Ontario Est)



Stalk up on some new jewels! These full finger rings really make a statement. Jewelry between $6-$8

Republique Collection (1836 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est or 3681 rue Ontario Est)


One of the Vday looks I threw together with items from Republique Collection (1836 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est or 3681 rue Ontario Est).

Cardi and dress: $29.98 each


Necklace/earring combo: $9-$10 each setIMG_7679


An all black look.

Pants: $34.98, Bomber:$29.98, Bralette:$5, Ring:$7

IMG_7792Although the temperature is telling us otherwise, Spring is almost here, and so we are getting ready. This cute, army green rain coat will be an essential in our closets, pretty soon!

Raincoat:$69.98, Sweats:$29.98, Tank:$11.98, Necklace:$9, Ring:$6
IMG_6269Another Vday look from February. I thought this one would be good for a girls night out. Although Vday is over, going out with the girls never is!

Dress:$15, Blazer:$29.98

Republique Collection (1836 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est or 3681 rue Ontario Est)

Spring Fringe




Items can be found at ‘Republique Collection’ (1836 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est or 3681 rue Ontario Est)

  • Robe:$29.98
  • Cardi:$29.98
  • Collier:$9.50 (boucles d’oreilles inclue)

school girl inspired


IMG_7536 IMG_7552

Items can be found at ‘Republique Collection’ (1836 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est or 3681 rue Ontario Est)

  • Cardigan: $44.98 (disponible en plusieurs couleurs)
  • Blouse rayé: $24.98

comfy sheeeek





All items can be found at ‘Republique Collection’ (1836 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est or 3681 rue Ontario Est)

  • Blazer:$39.98 (aussi disponible en pastel menthe et ambre)
  • Joggings:$29.98
  • Blouse:$19.98

2014 in outfits!


Can you believe this insane ocean of outfits? Woah that’s a lotta me, but its really about the clothes. I love clothes! I started blogging in April 2014 for fun. Getting dressed is a passion of mine, I love finding different outfits, trying out the trends, and adding my own twist on things. I am a social worker, and I love what I do, but fashion is something I really enjoy outside of my usual work. Thank you guys for reading and supporting even though I may look and sound ridiculous! muah!
year in outfits

Pink fuzz


IMG_7285IMG_7292IMG_7286IMG_7284IMG_7295Going into the New Year, I looked back on all of my posts, and picked some faves of 2014. This pink fuzzy thang was one of my most ‘liked’ on instagram, so I decided to post about it again, but style it differently. I just love the blush color and how cozy it is, reallllly cozy. I have seen these in every color, which is so fun. I think every fashionista needs to own at least two of these, whether it be shag or faux fur, in either black or brown, and a fun color! These swede thigh high boots are one of my favourite shoe purchases of 2014. I just feel so confident in them. They are flat (comfortable), but sexy at the same time, which I love. Being a shorter gal, I find that thigh high boots can kinda swallow me up and make me look odd; feel me shorties? but because these are tight around the leg all the way up, these don’t make me look like a little child wearing her mom’s huge boots, which is nice. A trend that I followed in the 90s and then again starting last year is the shirt around the waist thing. I know some people don’t like it; someone told me it reminds them of when they used to get their period in high school and they would wrap a sweater around their waist to hide the stain, hhah! So if you look at it that way, it brings back traumatic memories, but I think it really adds some edge to an outfit and gives you an extra layer, as needed! The grey dress underneath is really one of my fave greys. I wear grey all the time, and just can’t stop. Anyway, there you have it, my first ootd of 2015:) Hope it gives you some inspo.

  • Shag: Forever21
  • Jean shirt: Zara
  • Dress: Republique Collection
  • Boots: Senso
  • Socks: Spring



IMG_5315HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope you all had a fun time celebrating over the holidays with family, friends and lovas! I have been MIA from the blog, because it was the busiest time of the year for me as a social worker, but I am back and ready to post post post.

Here are a few shots taken on NYE. Excuse the quality of them, but you get the idea! We celebrated with friends at a house party, so I decided to dress up, but not over the top. If you went to a house party in a gown, good for you, you should wear whatever you want on NYE, no matter the location, but since I love mixing casual and fancy at once, I went for that look. I found this fringe-y skirt at Joe Fresh on December 31st on my lunch break, and thought…perfect! I went all black because I did not plan my outfit in advance and going all black is easy and fool proof. To new years eve it up, I added this shopshals necklace which I am completely obsessed with and haven’t taken off since I got it a few weeks ago. For makeup I did a thick cat eye and red lipstick which I felt was NYE appropriate;) Well, thanks for reading, I really appreciate your support and look forward to sharing my outfit adventures with you in 2015! ps: read below the last picture for a great tip about wearing stilettos indoors! NYE

IMG_5352IMG_5333My boyfriend refuses to pose nicely for pics, hence his googly eyes and kissy face. I should share some nice candid shots of him…cuz he’s really cute!IMG_5332lovely lady friends:)IMG_5341the fringe!IMG_5340Check out the little circular thing on my heel. I got to the house party and was asked to take off my shoes, because they had super nice, new hardwood floors, and stilettos aren’t exactly hardwood floor friendly. Of course you have to respect that, but I was thinking to myself noooooooo, my outfit is ruined! A few minutes later, my ‘sister in law’ showed up with these thick circular felt things on her heels, which are meant to protect the floors. I actually think people put them on the bottom of furniture, but she DIY’d them to fit onto shoes. Amazingly, she had extras so I immediately put my shoes back on and told her that she saved my life!!…slash my outfit:) You can find these at any hard wear store like RONA or Canadian Tire. Avoid the dollar store because those ones don’t stick as long.

fashion faux pas


I am loving these white jeans lately. What I love more is wearing them in the winter, because it used to be a fashion faux pas to wear white after labour day..what was that even about? It’s one of those fashion rules that doesn’t make sense like wearing navy blue and black together, which is a combo I now love. Makes me wonder about fashion rules and what’s to come. As a self proclaimed fashion blogger, I feel like I should know more about the history of these rules and where they come from, so I googled it and here’s what my 5 seconds of research told me; basically it was a rule made up in the late 1800s by super wealthy high society type women so that they could tell the difference between ‘old money’ people and ‘new money’ folks, which was apparently important. Interesting eh? More on that here.

Anyway, I wore this on a last minute dinner date a couple weeks ago. Hope you like!IMG_7004IMG_7007IMG_7001IMG_7008

  • jeans: Joe Fresh
  • sweatshirt: F21
  • Heels: Aldo

this blush shag


IMG_7038IMG_7041IMG_7043IMG_7057IMG_7059IMG_7081IMG_7058There are so many fun faux furs and shaggy coats happening this year, I love it. I recently picked this blush one up, and decided to style it with a light color palette, but I can’t wait to wear it with my black leather leggings and blue jeans as well. It is actually freezing this week, so I was not able to wear it out like this. I wore a caramel-y puffy coat when I was outside and left the shag on around the office. Really recommend getting one of these! You can fancy it up or dress it down with leggings and sneaks. Depending on your body type, there are ones of all lengths and fullness, so be sure to get one that doesn’t overwhelm your bod;)

I almost fell asleep in it at my desk though, because it feels like you’re in an upper body sleeping bag, ha!

  • Coat: F21
  • Jeans: Joe Fresh
  • Booties: Aldo
  • Purse: Matt&Nat
  • Tee: F21
  • Rings: Bizou, F21, Mexico street fair




pop of red


I’m a huge fan of neutrals, especially black and white, but I think it is fun to add an accent color sometimes. In this case I went with a pop of red. I started off with the red in my runners, and decided to take it a step further with the lipstick. I rarely wear lipstick because I always feel like it is rubbing off, it’s on my teeth or it’s smudged somewhere. I am way too anxious about it to wear it often hah, however, I have been testing out this ‘6 hour stay’ gloss from Joe Fresh and it stays, unless of course you eat without being careful. My friend told me her MAC red lipstick really stays no matter what, so I guess you just have to pay the price if you want to do things like eat without panicking! In any case, when your outfit is feeling like it is missing something, add some red lips, it really completes an outfit, day or night!

back to school?


I am so in love with my new faux leather school bag. I highly recommend it to those who struggle with back pain. I have a bad back, and have been searching for the perfect sized bag that’s not too heavy for me. I wrote off school bags a while ago because I bought one last year that kept digging into me in all the wrong places. Anyway, I gave it a second chance with this one, and my life has changed, no exaggeration. You have your hands free and feel like you’re carrying nothing, when you’re carrying everything! Yay! My clients may think I’m a child, but it’s worth it.


It was really cold outside this week, but the sun was out on this particular day, so it inspired me to wear some shorts. These faux leather camel shorts are pretty cute, I love the color and the alligator skin look. I like how the blue jean and camel colours look together, and for the rest of the ensemble, I literally took every black accessory I own and threw it on! 


I am pretty into opaque tights for a couple reasons; first of all they last longer than thinner tights. I have worn these many times over the past couple of years and they have zero runs. And secondly, you can get away with wearing short shorts or skirts in a conservative office, since you are not showing any skin at all.

IMG_4435IMG_6948IMG_6955Jessie xo

  • Shorts:  Vero Moda (skirt vs shorts)
  • Jeanshirt: Zara (similar)
  • Sweater: Zara (similar)
  • Tights: my local pharmacy
  • Schoolbag: Zara
  • Booties: Hunter -new collection (I committed a huge fashion faux pas, by taking a black sharpie and covering the hunter logo.. I just wanted them to be all black. If I could do it again, I wouldn’t-insert embarrassed emoticon here) 
  • Sunglasses: Rayban
  • Hat: H&M
  • Watch: Fossil (mens’ collection)

red overkill


The holidays are sneaking up so fast, there are already office parties, family parties and secret santas planned, so we might as well start looking the part. This weekend we had this nice family get together at Juni (amazing sushi resto that you must try, Montrealers!), and it was freezing outside, so I was in the mood to dress cozy-festive. IMG_6923I recently visited my sister in Toronto, who ended up giving me half of her wardrobe…really though. This coat was one of the items she gave me and I have been wearing it non-stop ever since.  A bright coloured coat really spices up any outfit, and if you’re into neutral colours like me, it’s nice to add some color every once in a while! IMG_6921IMG_6914I can always count on Shals jewelry to glam up an outfit, throw on one of her statement necklaces and a few of her custom designed bangles, and your outfit will be complete with a sparkle;) IMG_6922These faux-leather leggings have quickly become my second skin. They just go with everything, making them really easy to style in all different ways; I love wearing them with a jean shirt, t-shirt and runners, or for fancier occasions like this. The way they fall on me in these pics is not great, but I still love them. I’m pretty short, so pants tend to bunch up on me if I haven’t shortened them or folded them enough! IMG_6927Last thing to note; sweaters are such necessities during the bitter cold winter, and I am really into these fuzzy looking ones, oh so cozy! 

almost monochrome



I just bought these faux-leather joggers, and I am really excited about them. The cool thing is that you can style them in so many different ways, which I can’t wait to do (pair them with stilettos, a multitude of booties, and runners, with blouses, blazers and tees). Here I put together this almost monochrome look wearing different shades of beige+cream, and this heather grey sweater. See the outfit details below!


  • Joggers: f21
  • Sweater: BEDO (no online store)
  • Booties: Lucky brand (similar)
  • Coat: Jacob, a few years back
  • Clutch: aldo (similar)

wear ’em, or give ’em


October was a rainy month, but it wasn’t too cold. November will be cooler and we may even get snow! So, while we can still get away with wearing leather jackets and thinner coats like this one, we will, right? I honestly loathe the day that I have to put on my parka and keep it on for months thereafter. I mean, it is warm and comfortable, but there is nothing very ‘cool’ about it.

Anyway, FOCUS. This look is a simple one; sporting my usual fall formula (jeans, tee, booties, jacket), however, in this case I swapped the jacket for a coat that I found a few years back in a vintage shop in Mtl. I have collected so many coats over the years. I have tried to give some away, but always find an excuse to keep them. This year, I made a pact with myself to wear all of them throughout the season, and if I don’t, I will give away the ones that didn’t get enough lovin’. In order to achieve this, I bought a clothing rack, and have them all hung up in plain sight, so they don’t get lost in the back of my closet.

Coats are a really important item to give away, if you’re not using them, especially in places like Montreal, where the weather gets so cold. I see so many people, who live on the streets, that do not have warm coats, but I also see many of those individuals who have good gear, which is thanks to the people who give their stuff away. We should not feel guilty for having extra coats, but if we aren’t wearing ’em, give ’em!

Jessie xo
IMG_3655 IMG_6786I took this pic on the day that I brought my outdoor pillows inside. Such a sad moment.

  • Coat: I picked this up at a vintage shop on St. Laurent/Duluth ave in Mtl. Can’t remember the name of the store, and not even sure if it is still there. YIKES!
  • Jeans: Joe Fresh
  • Tee: American Apparel
  • Booties: Zara
  • Purse: Longchamp (an older style)

mixing and matching


I am playing catch up with a few of my latest outfit posts! I am wearing open shoes with this outfit, however, let’s pretend I am wearing booties, so that this outfit can apply to the current temperature in Mtl;)

I have had this poncho for a few years, but have not worn it more than once or twice before this fall. I think it’s because, as I mentioned in a previous post, the number of days where you can wear something light like this in the fall are limited, since the temperature in Montreal goes from hot to cold really fast. So, in order to get more wears out of it, I have been pairing it with a leather jacket or draping it over a pea coat. One of my co-workers asked me if I was wearing a blanket, so maybe this trend is not for everyone, but I really love it!

Mixing and matching prints is fun, I really love the way it looks. It is just a matter of knowing a few rules, so that it looks right. If I am looking to mix prints, I usually put them next to one another on my bed and look to see if I find they appear good together before bothering to try them on. My rules of thumb are that one of the prints must be bigger than the other, and the base color on each piece must be either a perfect match, or completely different, while obviously sticking to colors that look nice together. Below I have stuck to my rules, as you see that the poncho print is larger than the pant print, and the base color of the poncho is black, where as the base color of the pants is white, so you know that goes well together.

Don’t be shy to try this out! You can mix styles of prints too, for example: a leopard print, with a flower print, or a tartan print with stripes, just try to follow those rules and you’ll be golden:)

Jessie xo



my fall formula


I find myself wearing similar outfits this fall; jeans, t-shirt or blouse, jacket, and booties. I stick to the same formula, but switch up the jeans, the shirts, and rotate jackets and booties as much as I can. I think I do this because I know I am comfortable and confident in that type of look. It helps to have a certain formula that you can fall back on, especially on those busy days, when you just don’t have the time to think about what you’re going to wear.

I believe it’s always a good idea to have some great staples for all seasons so that you can count on those pieces as the foundation of your wardrobe. It doesn’t mean that every outfit will look the same, because you can make them different by rotating the staples, switching up the materials and patterns of the clothing, and by adding different accessories (purses, scarves, jewelry).

Below you’ll see 2 outfits using this ‘formula’. I am wearing the same booties in each look; they are definitely one of my fall staples that I absolutely love. These pics were taken after 8 hours at the office, so please excuse my tired eyes and not so fresh face;)

Jessie xo


It won’t be long before there’s an even bigger temperature drop, so we will have to add sweaters and heavier coats to the mix, but I will wear my leather jackets for as long as possible! 

look 1

look 2

his wear


Today is my boyfriend’s bday, so I decided to write about what he wears, and one of my gifts to him this year.

I bought Ced these furry slippers. He has some slippers of the same brand from about 6 years ago, but they are so finished! I knew if I didn’t intervene he would wear those ones forever, even though there are holes in them, so now that it is cold out, I decided it was time for some newbies. When he opened them, he wasn’t sure about the amount of furry-ness, but as soon as he tried them on, he loved. I think fur looks great on guys too, btw! They have many colours in both suede and leather material. His last ones were suede, but I noticed that they got super stained since he has been dropping food on them for 6 years (he’s the cook), so I went for leather, which can be more easily cleaned. I think any man, young or old, would look good in these, not to mention how amazing their feet would feel. I have to admit that the price is a little steep, but he will wear them everyday in the cold seasons, and if they last another 6 years, I’ll be happy!

I layed out his jeans, belt and hoody, because this is pretty much his daily uniform. My bf is not into shopping at all, but he makes sure to have one nice pair of jeans, a good belt, and a variety of hoodies and tees in his closet for everyday wear. Good thing he is not into clothes, otherwise, he would not have agreed to giving me both closets in our bedroom! Happy bday to ma man!


faux fur fun


Here’s a fall look for sunny days when a jacket isn’t necessary, but maybe a thick sweater is. I think those days are limited as of now in Mtl, but there may be a few more left that we can take advantage of. I really love this faux fur sweater; it is so soft and cuddly. The fur is on the front only, and the rest is a nice whool-y material. I will be throwing this sweater over a bunch of outfits this fall and winter. I am really into the faux fur trend. What’s not to love? I have been looking to buy a fur vest that I can layer over my leather jackets, or a fur collar for the same layering look. Whether you dress your faux fur up or down, it works. It goes with jeans and a tee, leather pants and a blouse, some opaque tights with shorts; dressy or not. Have fun with it, the best part is that it’s warm, which is practical, and I love fashion when its practical;)

Jessie xo


Shearling and things


I have been meaning to get some ‘photo shoots’ done outside around my neighbourhood, however, for various reasons, have not been able to, so I don’t have any professional looking shots to share, but I thought I’d share anyway. I don’t even want to say this, but fall will be over before we know it and I barely posted anything! This week I am going to post a few fall outfits I have worn over the past month. So here is the first:)



Vest season is short lived in Montreal, I would say…2 weeks MAYBE. No joke; vest season is over as we speak, but I am posting this anyway, because this vest deserves it. Suede and shearling is a thing right now, and I really love it. I have seen some amazing jackets by acne studios (like this) and Missguided (and this), but did not go for the plunge. This bank account friendly vest will have to fulfill my shearling obsession for this season.

Fall is bootie time for me, because once it becomes too cold I do not mess around with little booties like these, I UGG it up all winter (no car=frost bitten toes). So, these booties are one of my favourite purchases this fall. I usually buy things that I can wear all the time like black booties for example, but these were screaming at me when I walked in the store, so I had to buy them. Let’s be honest, I can’t wear these more than a few times per month, otherwise, I will be known as the zebra lady and it is not even zebra print..or is it? They are super fun to have in my closet even if it is only for those few times. I will most likely always pair them with a simple outfit, like this ‘jeans and white blouse’ combo, in order for them to be the stars of the ensemble, but who knows, I may find a pattern to mix them with. Thanks for reading!

Jessie xo

  • Vest: F21(here’s a link to a jacket since vest season is over! and since I got mine last season)
  • Booties: Jeffrey campbell (I got mine on sale, so clearly I cannot find them online, but check out the new collection!)
  • Jeans: J BRAND
  • Blouse: F21
  • Pouch: American Apparel
  • Watch: Fossil (in stores, mens watch, cannot find it online)

healthy crepes


IMG_6760When I am craving crepes for breakfast, but don’t feel like having a food baby afterwards, I go for this buckwheat flour recipe. Buckwheat has a multitude of health benefits, so you don’t have to feel guilty about shovelling down an extra crepe or two. Ok they don’t taste exactly like the crepes we are used to, but when you add your toppings, you will not even notice! ENJOY! ps: it is my bf’s recipe. Check out his food blog for more;)


1 cup buckwheat flour
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
2 cups milk
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Pinch of salt

Mix the ingredients together in a bowl until no lumps, and then do a little frying pan action! So easy, even I can do it (worst cook ever).

Serves about 6-8 crepes, perfect for a Sunday morning feast for two!



Jessie xo

flat lay lover


I love creating flat lays, which is obvious, so here is a major compilation of some of the flat lays I have put together over the past few months, with a short description of each:)

IMG_0332weekend inspo
IMG_6201 mornings:)IMG_0643 dinner at ‘la tavern Saint Sacrement’IMG_0667 Breakfast at mum’sIMG_6452summer!IMG_1180 my collection of blue jeans…aaah so many! IMG_6595 getting inspired for fall fashionIMG_2098 favorite make up and make up bag IMG_6631

prepping for Saturday night!IMG_6640a typical week day morningIMG_6709catching up on my September issues while snuggling in these slips!

Hope you liked these shots!

Jessie xo

Christine Bijoux


Recently I discovered ‘Christine Bijoux’, jewelry designed and hand-made in Montreal! They have really pretty, delicate pieces. I first saw them on Mont-Royal avenue, during one of the many street fests in Montreal. They were also one of the pop-up shops at the Festival Mode et Design, where I saw them again, and snapped some pics of their ‘shop’ and pieces.

You can see my favourites below, but check out the rest of their collections here! 


IMG_1403Michelle Normand, of Christine Bijoux, working hard at the Festival! IMG_2615This piece is by far my favorite. It is the type of necklace that you can dress up or down. Here, I dressed it down with a grey tee. I would also wear it with a white or black top, because the gold and blue would really pop;)IMG_1404IMG_2985

IMG_2378I love layering necklaces lately. The feather necklace, which has a sterling silver chain, is another favorite of mine, and looks just as pretty on its own. I find it perfect for layering though, because you can adjust the length, and either wear it on the side, or hanging at its lowest.

Christine Bijoux has a showroom in Hochelaga Maisonneuve, an online shop, and sell their pieces in different boutiques around Montreal. Check them out for some original+affordable swag! Also, keep up with the inside scoop by reading their blog, here!

Jessie xo

FMD street style


I took some street style pics at the Festvial Mode et Design, and since then, I have been wanting to take more. When I see people in the streets with a style that I think is awesome, I get super excited and feel like talking to them, so this is my excuse! I will approach people in the streets, ask them about their inspirations, where they shop, and hopefully get their consent to take their pic and get it up on my blog:)

So, to start off my new street style section, here are my fave street style pics from the Festival!

IMG_1579I spotted this young lady in the metro station on my way over to the festival. She stood out to me, not only because she is stunning, but because her outfit is so well put together. Who can actually pull off socks and sandals? THIS GIRL! She just happened to be a model in the fmd shows! Check her out on instagram @catcloutier

IMG_1755I was walking around the fmd site, and spotted this cool cat! Only later I realized it was Jane, from Jane and Rye, a really awesome jewelry line, which you can check out here. How cool is her ensemble? I really love everything about this look from her completely destroyed jeans to her comfy sandals, to her original jewelry. Check her out on insta @jane_and_rye / @sammyjanehughes

IMG_1736This is Marilene Duchesne, the designer of the ‘MaDuchesse’ clothing line. She had a ‘pop up shop’ at the festival. I immediately noticed her full look. My fave is her skirt, which you can see better here, and her necklace! Shop her line here!

Jessie xo

FMD part 2


It was my first time at Festival Mode et Design and I really enjoyed it. I would recommend to any fashion lover to go to the festival, because there is so much to see and do. Not only are there the fashion shows, but there are ‘pop-up shops’, bars, food, many forms of entertainment, contests, and obviously my favourite…people watching. There was a wide variety of styles and themes on the runway, some that I will never understand, and others that I was drooling over. I noticed a lot of  trends/styles that have been around for a few years, which I am super happy about because this means we get to save money since we already have these pieces in our closets, and I noticed a few new trends and styles. My favourites for this fall, including trends, styles, colours, materials, and overall looks are:

  • Fur of all colours and in the form of vests, coats, hats, and gloves.
  • Leather of different colours as well, and in the form of pants, jackets, blazers, gloves, and leather accents. Speaking of leather, moto leather jackets are still hot and in my opinion, super bad ass.
  • Pea coats / Robe coats for fall are big, and don’t be afraid to buy one in bright blue, orange, and with a pattern or color blocks.
  • Asymmetrical slits (skirts and shirts) are so sexy and apparently very in right now.
  • Burgundy, burnt orange, army green, royal blue and black&white were some colours I noticed and love for fall.
  • The 60s are back. I saw patterns, cuts and shoes that reminded me of this decade and really look amazing.
  • Knits: sweaters that are long or short cut, but long is what jumped out at me. Really long.
  • Oversize me. I noticed the over size look on many of the models, I especially noticed the fur oversize coats and lose trousers.
  • Western style hats and booties. ‘Guess’ did a western theme that caught my eye, and forever 21 showed off their western style hats and booties.
  • Tassles and ponchos, need  I say more?
  • Metalics and monochrome please!
  • Sneakers / sporty looks: my absolute fave of the faves.

Here are a few pics, shot by Arturo Las Pinas Jr., that represent some of my favourites mentioned above. Jessie xo rozanne 2rox 3roxannemouvementmouvement2trousers target altuzarraweirdguessIMG_1789vie en rose

a casual transition



This week fall came along. I went from being outside in a little tee and sandals, to shivering in a chunky sweater, but you know what, I don’t even mind. Fall fashion is so much fun! I am mostly excited to wear booties all the time, and layer with long sleeved shirts, sweaters and leather jackets. When the weather gets so cold that all I can wear is my huge winter coat, I may start to complain, but until then, let’s do fall!

Here is a quick post of the transition from summer to fall in 2 outfits and 2 days. Up top is a simple tee and jeans combo. I put my hair in a milk maid style because it is different and really fast to do. My boyfriend thinks it looks odd, and I hear most guys are of that opinion, but let’s face it, girls do not dress up for guys.

IMG_2454A swap of the purse can bring your outfit from day vibes to night time convenience.
IMG_2478Jessie xo

1st outfit

2nd outfit

  • Sweater: Banana USA (very similar)
  • Black Jeans: Levis
  • Bag: vintage
  • Watch: Fossil (available in stores, did not find online!)

black out


IMG_6662Another flat lay! Some more staples and favourites.

See dets below:)

Jessie xo

  • Slip ons: Vans
  • Jeans: levis
  • Tee: ‘the belle game’ signature t-shirt! love it! The fit is perfect.
  • Watch: Fossil
  • Bra: american apparel
  • Wine: Carpineto , chianti classico 2012
  • Rings: vintage, Ardene
  • Glasses: Dolce&Gabana
  • Mascara: Loreal telescopic
  • Brushes: Sephora
  • Eye shadows: F21
  • Blush and contour compacts: makeup forever

accessorize me


IMG_6634I really love simple outfits and simple pieces of clothing in general, because these types of outfits are easy and fast to put together, and you can wear the items over and over again, like a white tee…you could wear everyday, differently, versus a shirt with a pattern (nothing against shirts with patterns though). For this flat lay I wanted to showcase a simple outfit surrounded by accessories because like I said, I love a simple outfit, but I am not shy to wear one too many pieces of jewelry. Pile it on. I love wearing rings on every finger and multiple bracelets and necklaces. I am really into statement necklaces, but I also like to layer thin chains of all lengths. See where I got some of these items below!


  • Jeans: Joe Fresh (home made holes)
  • Tee: american apparel
  • Bra: american apparel (Abstract Lace Full Coverage Bra in petal pink)
  • Nail polish: essie (‘white’, ‘st. tropez’, and ‘set in stones’)
  • Powder compact: Rimmel london ‘stay matte’
  • Silver watch: Fossil
  • Rose gold watch: Micheal Kors
  • Large Pendant necklace, and bangles: Shals
  • Silver feather necklace: Christine Bijoux
  • Other bracelets: vintage, BCBG, Pandora
  • Earrings: vintage clip ons!
  • Rings: Bizou (sterling silver), Ardene, vintage

Jessie xo



I just wanted to share that I am completely obsessed with Cassey Ho’s work out routines and I would recommend her to anyone! I follow her calendar as much as I can. By following it everyday you really tackle your whole body. Plus, she is really cute, smart+funny, and motivates you throughout. I cannot say enough goodness about her. You can check her out here: BLOGILATES!

Personally, doing the routines everyday makes a significant difference in my daily functioning in terms of energy and pain level (helps a lot with my chronic pain from my spine condition/surgeries) and energy-wise, omg, I have a lot. I think that’s why I feel so obsessed by it, because I associate it with feeling good. As well, I see and feel a huge change in my body since I started; I am stronger, and have more muscle definition than I have ever had before. Thanks to my bff Kass for introducing me to Cassey Ho!

Hey do you guys have another work out guru or routine that you recommend?

IMG_1022My pre work out breakfast ^. I work out in the morning, because it gives me energy for my day, and minimizes my pain starting right away, but any time you can work out is awesome. I sometimes do it on my lunch break if I don’t have enough time in the morning; having a shower stall and gym at work is a huge plus.
IMG_0534Workout clothing and shoes excite me. I always loved dressing up in my soccer uniform when I was a kid, even if it was hideous. I remember always trying to make it look cooler by hiking up the shorts and tucking in my shirt half way. Anyway, getting dressed up to workout is important, especially if you work out at home, for me it makes me feel like…now that I have my gear on, I have to work out, even if my couch and tv are right next to my ‘workout station’.

Jessie xo

  • Runners: Nike Roshe
  • Shorts and bra: Ardene
  • Water bottle: bought it at Provigo!
  • Pilates mat: Everlast

FMD part 1


I had not even planned which shows I would go see at the Festival Mode & Design when all of a sudden I got the opportunity to attend with a ‘media’ pass, which had some cool advantages! I was so excited. It was such a great time; I learned a lot, met a bunch of sweet people, and overall, had so much fun. A big thanks to Rashi of Pearls & Sequence for the awesome experience! 

Before sharing my thoughts about some of the amazing shows, I wanted to post the outfits I wore to the festival. Since it was a last minute opportunity, and I work from 9-5, I did not have much time to prepare or think about my outfits, so I stuck to my favourite pieces, and kept it simple. Hope you like! 

Day 1


The day the Festival started I sprawled myself on my couch, quickly looked at the schedule of shows, and madly flipped through some magazines for outfit inspiration.

collage day 1I ended up wearing this combo pictured above on the first day. After I snapped this selfie, I added a Shals necklace and swapped clutches for a pretty gold beaded one before I ran out the door. I usually make changes to an outfit after taking a selfie like this, because I see what I don’t like or what is missing by looking at my picture, vs looking in the mirror. Am I alone on this one?

IMG_1258Romper and leather jacket: Republique | Booties: Lucky Brand | Necklace: Shals | Bracelets: Shals Lila bangles, ZONE friendship bracelets, silver = both vintage | Rings: Bizou + H&M | Purse: vintage |Sunnies: ray ban aviator

IMG_1269The first day at the Festival, this Target lady caught my eye. Everyday there was a huge line up to go and pick a gift bag; they were inside the dress;)

Day 2


IMG_1390Jeans: Zara | Tee: H&M | Leather jacket: Danier | Booties: Yellow | Belt and necklace: vintage | Lip stick: Joe fresh ‘6 hrs’ (it really does last 6 hrs!) Glasses: Dolce&Gabana

Day 3

nikShorts: Rudsak | Blouse: F21| Sneaks: Nike air max 90s

Day 4

IMG_1910In the taxi on the way to day 4 I posted a pic on instagram, and when I arrived the pic was on the big screen; if you hashtaged #fmd your shot could be up there. So, we obviously took a pic.

IMG_0010how gorgeous is this necklace? Another Shals piece!, @shopshals on insta, fb and twitter.


Thanks to Arturo Las Pinas Jr., for taking pictures of me at the festival and the great company throughout the 4 days!:) More of his work in my next post about the shows! He was in the photography pit and got the best shots! 


Eli from ‘Eli in the walk-in’, and I. Check out her fashion blog here!

Shorts: Vero Moda | Tank: F21 | Necklace: Shals | Leather jacket: Republique | Booties: Yellow | Purse: vintage


IMG_1836I stopped at la belle Province on my way home from the last night of the festival to indulge in a cheese burger and a poutine!! That is how you wrap up a busy week;)

‘FMD part 2’ to come with my take on the shows!






This flat lay was inspired by this ELLE magazine that I picked up on the weekend. It is an outfit that you could wear on a fall day in September, when wearing sandals is still an option. I hate to start talking about fall already, but apparently they do that in fashion! 

  • jeans: levis: modern high rise cloudy skies (so comfy and fit well on the butt;) They are my go-to’s, highly recommend)
  • blouse: f21 :similar (love a striped blouse, another go-to item)
  • Necklaces: I layered this shals necklace with this blue beaded necklace (from a random boutique in Toronto) to accentuate the blue theme. Both necklaces are just as amazing on their own. *Email Shals for inquiries: and check out her instagram
  • sandals: zara (they are so weird to walk in, but surprisingly comfortable and are now on MEGA sale!)
  • nail polish: ardene (you know what guys, this ardene polish lasts me just as long as my ‘essie’ polish, and the price diff is serious. Just sayin’.

Jessie xo

summer through my eyes



As I am becoming more and more aware of the fact that fall is coming in 2 seconds, I wanted to take a look back at summer through my instagram pics. While looking at my feed, I noticed that I  have an obsession with #fromwhereistand shots, and since I feel that they represent my style well, I decided to compile them and share them again with you! Hope you like!

I decided not to include the outfit details since there are so many, but if you have any questions about these pics,  please ask or comment! I would love to hear what you think, and answer any questions you may have:)

Jessie xo